Sunday, August 22, 2010

waiting is the hardest part

After draft after draft of our thirty-day flight schedule, we think we've cracked the code. We drew up calendars on the big blackboard we have in the kitchen. Repeatedly trying to leapfrog our Friday/Sunday blackout days and really trying to avoid getting stuck in Orlando. After I was done finalizing our blueprint on nineteenth century technology, Deb brought us into the twenty-first with a lovely computer spreadsheet. We'd thought we could start booking our flights when our E.S.T. clock struck midnight. Now it seems we must wait for an email from jetBlue to free us from our anticipatory cocoon and let us complete this butterfly metaphor.


  1. Let me know when you're ready for Costa Rica info. We love it there - so much so that we go to there for the dentist! (WAY cheaper and better than in the US!) It's not nearly as complicated to get around as most people make it sound. It takes a while to get anywhere but it's simple.

  2. Seeing your level of organization and attention to detail, I find it odd that you are unemployed. Seems like you'd make an excellent project manager.