Friday, August 20, 2010

the first sale is the deepest

We made our first sale on our new "Thirty Days of Flight" Amazon account:

Deb posted it last night at it sold within hours. It was the very first gift I ever gave her on our first Valentine's Day together. (I'll pause here so the studio audience can go, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.") It was the most romantic gift I could think of: the complete DVD collection of the Nickolodeon series "Invader Zim." It was a lucrative sale and she got more than double what I'd paid for it. I guess it's out of print. Am I going to try and sell what she got me? Yes, but not out of spite. We are going to sell it for the same reason we're selling everything else: to pay for our spiritual jour---to pay for our trip.

Maybe it's symbolic, maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's dumb luck, but it's certainly something that gave me pause. And it gave me a topic for this blog. The point of this project is to trade old for new, to exchange a cluttered apartment full of stuff I've been collecting for 30 years for brand new experiences with the woman I'm going to marry—experiences that we otherwise couldn't afford (because we don't have jobs) on a trip we wouldn't have the time to take if we did.


  1. Did you see that NYTimes article about the couple who got all there stuff down to 300 things? It's a lofty goal.
    Good luck with the selling. I'd buy something, only we are going through a similar purge here, only for different reasons.

  2. Also I do know how to spell their, I'm just not good at proofreading now. (I just misspelled proofreading, if that's any indication...)