Sunday, August 22, 2010

stoop sale #1

Yesterday's stoop sale was a rousing success: cloudy skies, cool weather, and ample foot traffic. We made lots of sales, cut lots of deals, and brought in a respectable amount of cash for our trip. It was such a whirlwind of a day that we both passed out the moment we got upstairs. This morning we awoke to the reality that we have to start booking our actual trip at midnight. Shit just got real.

A stoop sale in Brooklyn gives you the rare opportunity to talk to all the passers-by that would normally just pass on by. Some folks were amazed by our plans while one lady seemed to actually scoff at the idea (New Yorkers are notoriously difficult to impress). I wrote our blog address on 3x5 cards and gave them to anyone who made a purchase, so they could see the trip they just helped fund. Since I don't read a lot of blogs myself, my feelings didn't get bruised when people refused our URL.

We met a tough as nails mother-in-law with an impressive bruise on her arm from her first skeet shooting contest (which she won). We met a young punk rocker who refused to pay more than $7 for his "favorite" movie. There was a nearby neighbor who went back to his apartment and returned to give us a Costa Rican coin to spend when we're there and a woman who gave us the names of the best restaurants near Wrigley Field. Even our upstairs and downstairs neighbors supported the cause with purchases or their own. I spent the day talking to everyone foolish enough to break stride; telling them about our trip and trying to entice them with details of the wonderful special features on the DVDs they were eyeing.

Today's rainy weather is a blessing in disguise as we need to spend the day cracking the intricacies of jetBlue's flight routes. Good thing we have a big blackboard in the kitchen...

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