Saturday, September 4, 2010

labored day

Another stoop sale, another day closer to lift-off; less successful than last week, but it is Labor Day weekend and maybe people bought all the good stuff last week. I have no idea what people want to buy and I'm still stunned that no one wants to buy a Pink Floyd album for $5. I tried to buy an album on itunes once and they wanted twice that. Some people look at me like I'm trying to sell them 8-tracks or 78s. Am I the last person in America who isn't illegally downloading music off the internet?

I thought about lowering the price to $4, but I'm not sure that's the problem. Plus, I already sell them for $4 to anyone who asks. So if I price them at $4, I'll only get $3. Maybe I should have taken economics in college. Or maybe I should have done what my good friend Justin did and sold my cd collection in 2005. One thing is certain, however, this travel blog has had far too many entries about the psychological subtleties of stoop sales.

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