Wednesday, September 1, 2010

$5 stamp

Deb and I have been going over our finances trying to figure out exactly how much money we're working with for this trip. We are definitely going to have to remain staunchly frugal, but I think the entire journey is within reach. Hopefully, our next few stoop sales can bring in a couple hundred bucks and give us a little breathing room. This weekend is Labor Day weekend and NYC is notoriously empty that weekend. So while we're certainly going to hold a couple more stoop sales, we can't rely on them being as profitable as our previous days.

To whit... I would like to remind any and all readers of this blog about our Donate button. It is a magical device by which your money can become our money with the touch of a button. Truly a marvel of modern technology. If you are so inclined, please give whatever you'd like. And lest I be accused of socialism, I renew my pledge to send a personalized postcard to anyone who donates $5 or more.

My hope is that recipients of the postcards will scan or photograph them so they can be linked to this blog somehow. I'm certain that's not too hard to do. I like sending postcards almost as much as I enjoy receiving them. They are an old school communication device, a throwback to simpler times when a postcard was a window into its point of origin. I remember getting one as a kid from my friend when his family took an epic road trip to the Grand Canyon and marveling at the photo on the front. Today we have Google image search and don't require postcards to provide such a window.

But I still find postcards a joy to receive; especially these days when the electronic nature of all personal communication has reduced most of the post to bills or ads. Emails, voicemails, texts, and IMs are invaluable for getting information to their destinations instantaneously, but a postcard is pretty and you can put it on the fridge.

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